Misson part three

Addison and the landing party return to the ship. They act a bit strange.


“Acting captain’s log,comnander sotril reporting.  Captain mccomic and most of the senior staff beemed to a ship belonging to the norkani.once they beemed on to the ship,the ship has vanished.  There is no trace of the ship or our crew. “She said. 


The bridge crew worked feviously to locate the ship. “Do you have anything tim?”sotril enquired. “The sansor log goes cold almost the minute the crew emurged on bored,the log goes cold. “Tim said 

“There is nothing at all? “Yeoman smith asked.  “I have checked abd checed for everyrging i know to look for.  Yes i am trying to check for things i have not thought off. So fari have not found anything”tim said. 

“I am thinking some kind of new warp drive. Well new to us. “Lt. Oneil said. “There were rumors of ancient races who created conduit networks though space.  Perhaps they used them or created there own. ” depaul said.

“Captain star fleet is requesting an update.  “Angela at the com said. “Inform them what has hapened. They should be informed. “Sotril said.

“They will want answers yesterday. “Irina said. “As do we all lt. “Sotril said. “I sent the update. “Angela said.

Transporter room

Lt. Kyile and several technicians were taring apart the transporter circut by circut. They were searching for any clues.while there is little chance of clues in the transporter, you never know. 

Sotril entered. “I have determined that the captain and the team did beam over to the alien ship. After that i dont know. ” kyile said.

“Could the beam have been redirected? “She asked. “Perhaps. I cant rule it out . “kyile told her. “We are grasping at proverbial staws i know.  “Sotril said. 

“Well this does concern the captain and senior staff.  I am fine with it. “Kyile said. “Keep me aprised. “Sotril said.he agreed.  She left. The door closed. 

Confrence room

“Hear is the report you asked for. “Smith said. “Thank you andrea. ” Sotril said. “How are you holring up?” the yeoman asked. “Most non vulcan see my people as cold,uncaring.  I am unemotional not heartless.  Vulcan do not have the same kind of friendship humans do but the captain,Elizabeth, dr. Piper,palmer,vincent,neil even security chief giotto are my co workers and my friends. I am highly motivated to solving this. “Sotril said. 


Sotril rentered the bridge. “Star fleet wants another update. “Angela said. “Send them what we have been doing. ” sotril ordered. “Surger coat it basically.  “Tim said. “Basically. “She said.  

All of a sudden, the horkani vessel returned. ” captain!” smith said. “Can you confirm that is the same ship?” sotril asked. “The hull signature is identical.  “Tim said.  “Sotril to kyile. Can you get a lock on them?”sotril asked.

In the transporter room,lt. Kyile activated the transporter controls.the beam engaged. “I have the team. Energizing now. ” the operator reported. Kyile and technician wilson worked to beam up the team. 

On the pad,the captain and the senior officers materialized on the pad. They were standing on ther own two feet.  They all apeared to be in good health. 

“Bridge i have them. “Kyile reported. The captain and her team seemed out of sorts. They were confused. 

 “Why did you beam us back so soon?” addison asked. “Soon? You have been gone for eight houers sir.” techician wilson remarked. “Realy. I literaly just beemed over there.  Didn’t i? ” addison asked.


“Hail the vessel!” sotril ordered. Before Angela could hail the ship,the alien veasel vanished. It was like it was never gone. 

“Why am i not surprised?  Tim remarked. “Have the landing party taken to sickbay. I want doctor macbinga to go after them with a fine tooth comb. “Sotril ordered. “I am communicating that to the doctor.  “Angela assured her.

“Inform star fleet.  Tell them to stand by. “Sotril ordered. ” understood. Sending sir. “Angela said.  “Tim you have the bridge. ” sotril informed her husbend and de facto first officer.  “You got it.” tim said.

Sotril walked to the door to the turbo lift. The door opened. She entered. She was inside the turbo lift. The door closed. 

The captain and the landing part were standing escorted from the transporter room. Leslie,galloway and lemli followed the team. “Why the security escort?”liz asked. “You were miasing for eight hours.  You were probably on an alien ship. Aliens we know nothing about. We have to be  Carefull. ” galloway said. “Understandible. “Addison said.

They neered the sickbay. The door opened.  “Dont you dare say it jubulio. I still write your reviews ” dr. Piper said. “I was not going to.”dr. Mcbanga said. “I asume the captain goes first?” chepel said.

Addison got on the bio bed. The computer began to scan her. Reedings were displayed. Mcbanga and chepel looked them over.they checked and checked. 

“Is something wrong?’addison asked.”not that i can see captain. I just want to be sure. This was a highly unusual situation.  ” dr. Mcbanga said. “I can understand that. “Addison said. 

“From all i can see your not a clone or a replicant or an android. I find no evidence your w coalescent creture. I cant totaly rule those things out. Thr evidence i have seems to indicate your human. “The relief doctor said. “That a relief. I wish you could be totaly sure.i will take what you have. ” addison answered.  

“I dont see any evidence of any new surgeries.  I see no evidence of implants or any devices. ” dr. Morrison said.”you probably canot scan for evidence of mind control. “Giitto said. “No i find no evidence of mind manipulations or alteration. I might not be able to. ” dr. Mcbanga said.

“This realy is not comforting. “Addison said. “Everything i see says your fine.”mcbanga said.  “What i do find odd is that you have no new memory engrams. For you time stoped after you beemed away and did not resume until you were in the pad. ” dr. Morisson said.

“That is the odd part. I remember beeming off the ship. Then i was back hear. ” palmer said. 

“That is what i remember as well. “Ryan said.  ” Did they erase our memories or did we not have any memories?” vincent dashale said. “Could we have been taken to another dimension?” pitcarin said. “I dont know how to scan  for that or if it is even possible.  ” mcbanga said. 

“Acting captain’s log, the test in captain Mccormick and those who were on the landing party is complete. So far there is no evidence of any thing out of the ordinary.  Given there time unaccounted for,i am still concerned. ” Sotril said.

Briefing room

“While it seams that you are fine. I stil have concerns. “Sotril said. “You dont want me to return to duty?”addison asked. “I am not sure that that is prudent. We dont have enough information yet. ” she said. 

“I want to stay on duty whoever until we figure out what’s going on,you will be in operational command. “Addison said. “Thank you addison.  “Sotril said. “Of course.  I will put the needs of the ship ahead of my own vanity. ” she told the vulcan. “I have never doubted that you would.  Addison i know i come off as cold.  I am releved that you have returned unscaved. “Sotril told her. ” i valure my friendship with you.i have come to understand that you are not cold ot heartless.  By the way congratulations your going to make a great mom. ” she said.  “I hope so. “Sotril said.  

“Your woried about rasing a half human child ? “Addison asked. “A bit . my expectations would be for the child to be logical raised in the vulcan tradition. That child might not chose logic.i myself have strugled with this issue. I don’t want to be harsh especially where i have been wanting in this regard.  I could see myself going overbored. ” sotril said.

 “It wont be easy. I doubt tim will try to hinder the child from a pursuit if logic. He will influence that child rather he wants to or not. Remember your strugles. Remember how dificult it was. Be with that person.  “Addison said.”i will try to do that.   ” sotril told her. “Good. ” addison said.

Queters of addison and Ryan.  

Adison picked up her daughter. She held him. She talked to her son sarek.he was playing with action figures and farm animals. Ryan came in. 

“Hey ad. ” ryan said. ” hi!” she said. “You ok addy?”ry asked. “I hate not remembering. I hate that i have no idea what happened.  ” addison said.

“I dont like this either. We will get this figured out. “Ryan asked. “What if we dont ry? There are already events in my life that are unknown. I know little about my parrents. I dont even where i was born. I dont know much about where i came from. ” she said.”i figured that that is where this comes from. “Ry said.”what if we are sleaper agents? Some kind of manchurian canidates” she asked. 

“You think we are?” ry asked.  “I dont know. Usually i would say not a chance. How do i know i am me? How do i know i wont hurt them? ” addison said. “Ad i know you. You would not let anything happen to them “ry said.

“I dont know. I wish i could beleve that. “Addison said. “I understand that.  We will get though this. “Ry said.ryan held her. She rested on his shoulder.  He held on to her.


Gioto was punching a punching bag. He tried to get over his pent up agresson. It was not working. He was stil was in an agitated sate. 

“You ok chief?”galloway said. “Just blowing off steam. “Giito said. ” stil cant remember what went on over there?” galloway asked. “No i cant. I have tried.i figure i should stop trying. Maybe it will come  to me.” the chief said. 

“Dont swet it chief. Sone thing take time. ” leslie said. “I dont know. I dont like showing weaknesses.  This is the ultimate weakness. ” the chief said.


“Trying to get a second opinion mark? ” dr. Mcbanga asked. “I dont doubt your findings.  I was hoping i could find something you missed. So far i have not.  Those missing memories canot be missing. “Dr. Piper remarked.

“What if they are not. What if you beemed to the ship then back hear. ” dr. Mcbanga said. “That makes no sense. Why would we beam to the ship just to come back? ” dr. Pipper remarked.  

“The simplest explanation is usually the truth. That is the simplest explanation.  ” the younger doctor said. 

“I know that. The facts suport it. I wish i knew what it ment. I cant believe that the horkani just got bored and decided to say hi.” dr. Piper said. 

“I see what your saying.  I agree but i have no idea. Your right. What are we mising?” dr. Mcbanga said. “There has to be a mising clue. ” piper said. 

Engine room

Pitcarin looked around the engine room. He lookee right but he did not feel right.  Something was off. He could put his finger on it.

“Welcome back chief. “Oneil said. “Oh i am not hear to resume duty. I just wanted to look around.  I know it sounds silly but i missed the engine room. I know i was not gone that long. ” the engineering chief said.

“You are the chief chief. You hardly need a reason to justify your being hear. ” oneil said. “Thank you mr. Oneil. ” pitcarrin said. 

He should be at home hear. He was not. He felt at unease. He could not understand why. He tried to calm down.

He then left the engine room. Oneil found it a little strange. Oneil overlooked it for now.

Liz felt on edge. She had felt fine before she borded that ship. She just felt tense. 

She saw herself. She was someone else. She was on a planet. It was rough. It was borboding. There were rocks and wind. She saw a man she never met. He wore a star fleet uniform.he seemed to have extraordinary powers. 

“Doc doc!” dasale said.  “Vincent i never saw you come in. ” she said.”i feel strange.i cant explain it. I cannot describe it. Its real.at least i think it is. ” dashale said. “Sit down.lets talk about it. “Liz said.”ok!” he said.

Palmer sudenly realized she was near auxiliary control.she had no idea why she was hear. “Are you ok?”a crewman asked. “I am fine .”palmer said. She returned to the brudge. 

End of part three. 

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