The missonĀ 

The enterprise crew wind down during a research misson.things are about to change.


U.s.s enterprise 

“Captain’s log,the enterprise is on a misson investigating a gigantic gass gient travaling though the claben system. The assignment is research and exploration. The science staff is taking point on this. “Captain adison mccomic reported.  

“This alows for routine maintenance and diagnostic on equipment and other functions. As well as traning and refreshing. ” she said.

Qurters of the captain. 

The door opened. The captain was stil dresed in command gold uniform dress. Many female officers chose the pants adison did not. She prefered to ware the dress.she liked dress. She was a bit of an enigma. She loved fashion. She was very girlie. Even though she was a carer star fleet officer who commanded the flagship of the federation. She was cooking and feeding her baby daughter who was in a high chair. 

Her husband ryan entered.  His son huged him.he picked him up. “Your late!” addison said. “The captain made me stay late . ” ryan said.”i will have to have a chat with her about that!”he said. 

“Yes she us a bit of a control freak.”he said. “Watch it. The captain enjoys throwing insorbinate crewman in the brig.” she said. “I will keep that in mind. “He said.

He hugged and kiss her. He kissed his baby. “Cooking tonight. No replicator?” he asked. “I am usualy too buisy to cook. You know i oerfer real food to replicated. I am not thinking any hostile ships will show up hear.”addison said.

“Oh addy you did not hear. We detected a klingon warship hiding behind the gass gient. “Ryan said. “Ry you do realize that i can have you transfered to a barge that transport anti mater rezine to the depot. “She said. They laughed. 

“I am sure things will be qiet for the rest of the misson. ” he told her.”i realy hope your right.”she told him. 


“You do realize that you have been working non stop sense o400?” tim mathews asked. “I do.” she said. “Don’t you think it might be time for a break?” tim.asked. “i am functioning within desired peramiters. Besides i find this quite fascinating. “She said. “Of course you do. ” tim said.

“Fine. I will take a rest bit! Come back in an hour. We will have lunch. ” she said. “Are you trying to get rid of me?” tim asked.  ” no ! I  do want to get some things done before i take a break. ” she said. 

Like the captain, she wore a dress.she worevthe blue science uniform.she had long hair. Manny vulcan female chose to have short hair. She braided her hair. Sometimes she put it in a poney tail. 

“Ok! I will leave alone. I will be back in exactly one hour. ” tim said. “I am totally certain of that.  ” she told him. 

He got up and left. He headed to the turbo lift. He was about to get in. “Tim! ” she said. He turned around.”yes tivora?”he asked. “I am highly agreed to have you in my life!”she said. “I love you too. ” he said.

Lt.dasshale was maning the helm. It was fairly routine. It stil took skil.” those two are quite the couple!”dr. Elezebeth Dahner said.

“I supose so.” dasale said.”your not much of a romantic are you vincent?”she asked. ” i can be i dont have time to pyscho analyze other people’s love life. “He said.”what about your own?” she asked. “Not while i am on the bridge.  “Dasale said.”alright.” she said.


“Chief? You do know that this is engineering? “Chief enginer neal pitcarin asked. ” yes i do. It has the best diagnostic scanning equipment on the ship. I am checking my weapons system.  ” he told the chief.

“Try to get in my people’s way. ” pitcarrin said. ” no promises neil but i will try. “Chief of secuity bary giotto said. “Ok.” he said.


“Mark i am going to head out!”nurse christine chepel said. “Have a good night. ” Dr. Mark piper said.”you staying for a while?” she said. “Yes. I figure that i will catch up on paper work. ” he said. ” ok!”she said. Then she headed out. 


“You wanted to see me?” addison asked. “Captain. We just got a message from star fleet command. “Lt. Palmer..”i will take it in the brefing room. ” she said. 

End of part one.