The misson part two

An alien race usually aloof wants a meeting. Something is up.


“Captain’s log while on a routine reserch misson i have jusr received new ordere from star fleet command.  Though far from federation space we atempt to stay in contact ae much as possible.  Sometimes in direct communication some times hy subspace radio. ”

Brefing room. 

On the view screen was the image of admial komack.”hello addison!”he said. “Admiral. The federation has atempted start a dialougue with the horkani for almost a hundred yars now with no luck. 29 years ago the starship exiter atempted to follow it and engage contact. After a week ofhigh warp it was forced to abandon the persuit. Now out of the blue they want to meet with us. They have agreed to come hear. Your science misson can continue.they have invivted your entire senuor staf aboard.  “He said. 

“The asked for the enterprise specifically? ” addison asked.”yes. We thought it was odd. It was not an unreasonable request so we agreed. They should be in your area in a few houers.get rested up you have a long day ahead of you.”he said.

“We have no idea what they want?”addison asked.”none. I wish i had more for you but i dont. “He said. “Its fine. “She said. “We wikk keep in touch star fleet out.”he said. The screen faded. 

Confrence roo.

Asembled was the memebers of the senior staf and yeomwn smith th captain’s asisitent.”the federation has known wbout the horkani sense before the federation was established. The u.s.s horatio encountered a ship back in 2180. There have been sigtings but no contact. The horkani are requesting a . they are coming hear so we can continue our reserch. “She said. “Are we sure they are friendly ?”commander gioto asked. “Pethaps they should come to our ship.  “Dr. Piper said. “There is bi evidence that the horkani have wished anyone harm. I see reason not to bored there ship as they requested. “Addison said. 

“I recommend a medical scan before and after we bored the vessel.”piper sugested. “Agreed.”the captian said.”great i get pocked and proaded brfore going into the frying pan!”giotto said.”you always been this cyinical?”smith asked.”i am a security officer in my 50s. I am not sure how i servivied this long.”the chief said.”today is hardly a good day to die. I am not seing any trouble. As soon as we are done report to sickbay. “Addison ordered. 

The captain dismised the meating.everyone got up. They all left the meeting. Everyone was  concerned but stil anticipating the event. 


“It seams your in perfect health addison!”dr. Piper said.  “Glad to hear it doc!” addison said. She got off the bio bed. She went to the back of the room.

Commander sotril got on the bed. The bio bed scaners activated. Piper and chepel looked over the reedings. Tim noticed that they spent a lot of time looking over reedings. 

“Is everything ok?” tim asked. “Yes. They are fine!”dr. Piper said.”they?” addison said. Tim squished her hand. “Congratulations!” ryan said. 

“Tivora you cant go. There is too much uncertainty! “Tim said.”i do not agree. I believe that i can still go to the ship. “She said. “This is an uncertin situation.  Why dont you stay on the ship. Besides you can continue your research.  ” addison said. “Understood. ” she said.

“If i am pregnant can i stay behind?”giotto asked. “All of the things you have ever said,this one certainly has taken the cake. “Chief engineer pitcarin said. 

Qurters of the captain. 

Addison changed into the green dress uniform.her dress uniform had a series of gold fringes. She had braided her hair. “How do i look?”she asked. “You look great. I wounder if comadore wessley or commadore decker spend as much time getting ready as you do. ” ryan observed. 

“Hey! This is a first contact sitution. I want to be presentible.”addison said. “What if they are blind?” ryan asked.  “I had not consider that. “She said. 

“What do you make of liz’s high esper ratings?”ryan asked. “A lot of people have high esp ratings. She is hardly a mutent. Liz has always been a little exsentric but i have never had a reason to doubt her. She is one of my closest friends. You concerned about her?” she asked. “No .this ship is full of suprises.”ryan said. “I have notticed that. ” she said. 

Ryan wore a gold dress uniform jacket. “How do i look?” he asked.”handsome ome as ever ry!”he said. The chime rang. “Come in. “Addison said. 

The door opened, a young officer dresed in civilian cloths entered. “Becky thank you for watching them.”addison said. “No problem.  It is my pleasure.  ” she said. She picked up the baby. “Sarek your going to stay with aunt becky. ” addison said. 


“We have incoming. Vessel is consistent with vessels used by the horkani. “Right on shedule. “Smith said. “They are prompt. “Liz remarked. “I had a feeling that they were. ” dashale said. 

“Vessel has sent over coordinates. “Palmer said. “Ok. Sotril take over. “Addison said. “Be carefull adison.”sotril said. “You got it. If i know mr. Kyle he will continue to monitor our reedings. If something is off he can bring us back. ” she said. 

The senior staf left the bridge. They entered the turbo lift. The door closed.sotril took the command chair. Tim mathews took over the science station. Lt. Angala martine took the com station. Lt. Dapaul took over the helm. Irina galiunon took the navigators post.  

Transporter room.

“Coordinates laid in sir!” lt. Kyile reported. ” ok lets do this!” addison said. The command staff minus the first officer steped on to the pad. “Energize mr. Kyile. ” addison ordered.

Kyile activated the controls. The team was beamed over to the other vessel. 


“Transport complete. ” tim reported. All of a sudden the ship vanished.  “Report!” sotril ordered. “I am not detecting any sign of that ship. No warp signature nothing. ” tim said. “I need answers now!” sotril ordered.

End of part two.