The misson the conclusion

The enterprise gets unecpexted help in fighting the nazaka.


Nazaka vessel


“We have been detected!”a sansor technician said. “No matter. We still have the advantage. Prepare the ionimizer. “The commander ordered.  

The chief weapons technician targarted the enterprise.  “Targarted.  “The gunner said. “Fire!”the commander ordered. 

A few seconds earlier. 

U.s.s enteprise.

“They dont have any of the new weapon. They have the ion weaopon.”irina said. “We canot afford to be hit even once. “Gioto said. “I doubt they will let us survive. We have too much knowledge . I suspect they want to attack at a time of there choosing. They will want to perform a sneek attack. No warning. “Pitkarrin said. “If we live we will be taken to a prison so far away it will us light years to get back. “Dr. Piper remarked. “Death now or death later.  Chioces. “Liz said. 

“Is there any defense to an ion weapon?”Smith asked. “Not really.” tim said.”you had to ask.”liz said.

The enteprise went to watp. The nazaka ship fired the ion charge. The enteprise tried to evade. It unleashed a volley of phasers at the warships.  The enteprise fired and run. Addison perfered to fight not flea. The safty of the ship was paramount at this point. 

The enteprise hit the turets. The enteprise tried to be on the offense. They had to stay intact. One hit and conventional weapons or not,they could be seriously wounded. 

“Take us into the gass carefull. Lets not get caught in the gravity.  ” addy said. 

The enteprise got closer to the gass gient. “Vessel is still persuing. “Sotril reported. The enteprise kept going. It kept going. “Little more ry.”addison ordered.the enteprise kept going. “Now!”addison ordered. 

The enterprise fired on the gass gient.  The raditon hit the ship. The enterprise moved out of the way.the nazaka ship was hit by the exploding material. 

The enterprise folowed up and fired aditional volleys of phasers at the warship. The enterprise tried to not give the enemy time to catch his breath.  

“The enemy ship is showing signs of danage but it is still efective.”tim reported.  “Stay sharp people!  This only gets worse from hear!” the captain said. “Great! “Dashale said. 

Nazaka vessel


“They are very resourceful.  It will not be enough. Target the gass!”the commander ordered. 

The nazaka warship fired a series of volleys on the gass gient. The shock wave struck the enterprise. There were multiple damage all over the ship. The enterprise started to drift. Dasale qnd ryan tried to restrore the ship’s gravity. The ship was back to normal operation. 

“Sir. We have incoming. “Sotril anounced. A large wave of the ion weapon was heading right for the enterprise.  

“Head off!”adison ordered. “I am not sure we can dodge this one!”Dasale said. The enterprise kept moving. The ion wave neared the ship. It got closer. 

The wave was about to hit the ship. It was getting closer and closer. Then the ion wave was struck.the wave was dispersed. The wave kept going. The shock wave passed on. 

“What just happened?”addison asVessel. Palmer displayed the image on the view screen. “Is this a real horkani ship?”smith asked. “It would apear so. ” sotril said. The horkani vessel fired on the nazaka ship. The ship exploded. The horkani vessel vanished. 

“The vessel is gone! I canot find any trace of them. “Sotril said. “I gues we wont make contact with them today?” tim said.”gues not. We need to get to the doorway and colapse it. “Addison said. 

“Course ploted and laid in.”ryan reported. “Punch it!”addison ordered. The enterprise went to warp. The enterprise tried to get to the doirway as fast as it could. Time was of the esence. 

The enterprise arived at the scene of the tear in the steucural integrity of the multi verse. Sotril displayed the image on the viewscreen. 

“Nazaka ships are on there way. We dont have alot of time. ” tim said. “Do it. ” addison said. The enterprise fired a series of phasers and photon toroedoes. The tear started to grow smaller and started to return to normal. 

“Captains log the enterprise has left the area and has returned to feferation space. Damege from the battle was minimal but repairs are underway. We are perparing to return to our misson to explore the galaxy.  While star fleet has reinstated myself and the seniir staff. ” 

“We beemed eigt hours into the future?”liz asked. “All the evidence wouks say yes. “Dr. Piper said. “Nothing hapened literily. “Dasale said. “It seams so. ” addison said.

“On course sir.”ryan said. “Take is out!”addison said. The enterprise went to warp.

The end

Next up

After saving a planet from an asteroid bombardment, the crew is invited to a celebration but the food and drink has unexpected affect.