Misson part five

The crew try to uncover what is going on.


U.s.s enterprise 

Sick bay.

“My mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts.  Describe  what you see!”xon said.

Addison had closed her eyes. She was in the transporter room. She and the senior staf got on to the transporter pad. She felt like she was watching this. She not relivibg this. She was watching it. It was like viewing a file from an archive.  It was sureel.she did not quite understand it.

She watched as her douple ganger ordered mr. Kyile to engage the transporter. The operator complied with the order. He activated the beam. 

Just as she and the team was about to beam off the ship.she woke up.the link had been severed. The ship shock. 

While she was under the vulcan equivalent of a trance,a large storm cloud came for the ship. The storm hit the ship. The ship was pushed around. 

The ship startted to move up and down. The crew on the bridge was jostled around. Crewmembers siting down strugled to hold on to there chairs. Those standing tried not to fall. It was a losing battle. 

Markgomery wh. Was  guarding the door fell to the ground.he was pishef across the bridge. The wall stop him from any further josiling.

Irina and dapaul tried to stay in there seats. They both felp to the ground.  The two sat back at the helm and navigator’s starion. They tried to move the ship away from the storm cloud. 

The moment the link was brokon,the storm vannished. It was like it was never there. The damage remaned. That was still present. 

“Taking us to all stop. “Irona reported. The ship stoped. “That was close.”markgomery said. “Too close . “depaul said.
“Sir it literily came out of no where. “Mira romain said. “That was what i thought.  The question is why?”depaul said. 

Confrence room.

Commander sotril called an emergency brefing in the confrence room. Tim mathews acted as defecto first officer and science officer. It was unusual to have a wife and a husband in the top posistion. She trusted his advice and wanted him in this job. She wanted his consul. 

She oftened chided him for being irrational and ilogical,she did trust him. She valued his advice. He knew that. He had total confidence in her and her leadership.  

Also there was acting c.m.o jubulio mcbanga,asistent chief enginer oneil,lt. Depaul,lt irina galiunon, lt. Galloway representing security, yeoman smith and jr com officer angela martine. 

“All the evidence is clear that there was a causation between the storm and the meld. I am cettain of it.”tim said. “I agree sir. “Oneil said. “Can we assume that someone or something does not want us to acess her memories or any one within the team. ?”galloway said.”i think it is reasonable conclusion david.” tim said.

“What are we deeling with? Is this the horkani? Someone else?”the acting chief doctor asked. “We dont have enough evidence to draw such a conclusion. “Tim said. 

“what  are they hiding?”smith asked. “Nothing seams out of order. ” depaul said. “Yet something has to be. ” Angela said. “That is what we have to figure out. “The captain said. 

“Have we concluded  out that this is our crew?”irina asked. “Not definitively.  “The acting doctor said.”it like someone is messing with our heads. They are getting a thril out of seing us go nuts. “Oneil said. 

“That may be simply our perception of it. It may not be what is realy going on. ” sotril said. 

“How do we procede?”depaul asked. “We will continue to investigate.  “Sotril said. 

“None of it makes sense. The horkani act like they are on thete own. They act like they are above us. Mayby they dont notice us. Now they do. It is odd. “Smith remarked.

“Are there any more questions.  Hearing now. That will be all for now. ” sotril said. Everyone got up. The team started to disperse.  

“Acting captain’s log, sick bay on my orders is reexamining the members of the away team. They are looking over the data. I have ordered them not to rule anything in or out. “Sotril said.

Sick bay

“I am starting to think that you ate enjoying this?”dr. Piper remarked. Chepel chuckled. “Mayby a little bit.”she laughed. “That was what i suspected. “Piper answered. 

“I sware they have taken every sample they could think off. “Adison said.  “We cant afford to leave any stone unturned. ” mcbanga said. 

“I know that doctor. ” Addison asdured him. “We are all trying to figure this out. Thats al” mcbanga said.


“Ok. What could be going on?”sotril asked. “Cloning,coalescent creture.mibd control,virus,entity posing as our crew, iliusion. A practical joke. A mouse in a cage typer synerio. A colective hallucination some kind of holographic ilusion. Nothing happened and somone is playing with our head. ” tim said.

“There stil could be something we failed to come up with. ” sotril said.”i stil cant help but think we are playing with. Like things are perfectly fine. We are being led to beleve they are not.”smith said. “A reverse poly ana. “Irina said.  

“We need to keep working on this. There wre answers. We just have to find it. ” sotril said.

“Pernisson to leave the bridge. I want to do some thinking. I think i got something.  I need somr alone time to gather my thoughts. “Tim said. “Yoy may go.”she said. He left the bridge.

He went to a Jefferies tube. He sat cross leged. He thought.  He thought and thought. It started to come to him. It startted to makes sense. 


“I have a theory? What if this is all a distraction? Misdirection? We were conducting a research misson. Our attention has gone to the mystery. What if all of this was simply to turn our attention away from our original misson?” tim asked. “Look into it. “She ordered. The crew got to work. 

End of part five.