The misson the conclusion

The enterprise gets unecpexted help in fighting the nazaka.


Nazaka vessel


“We have been detected!”a sansor technician said. “No matter. We still have the advantage. Prepare the ionimizer. “The commander ordered.  

The chief weapons technician targarted the enterprise.  “Targarted.  “The gunner said. “Fire!”the commander ordered. 

A few seconds earlier. 

U.s.s enteprise.

“They dont have any of the new weapon. They have the ion weaopon.”irina said. “We canot afford to be hit even once. “Gioto said. “I doubt they will let us survive. We have too much knowledge . I suspect they want to attack at a time of there choosing. They will want to perform a sneek attack. No warning. “Pitkarrin said. “If we live we will be taken to a prison so far away it will us light years to get back. “Dr. Piper remarked. “Death now or death later.  Chioces. “Liz said. 

“Is there any defense to an ion weapon?”Smith asked. “Not really.” tim said.”you had to ask.”liz said.

The enteprise went to watp. The nazaka ship fired the ion charge. The enteprise tried to evade. It unleashed a volley of phasers at the warships.  The enteprise fired and run. Addison perfered to fight not flea. The safty of the ship was paramount at this point. 

The enteprise hit the turets. The enteprise tried to be on the offense. They had to stay intact. One hit and conventional weapons or not,they could be seriously wounded. 

“Take us into the gass carefull. Lets not get caught in the gravity.  ” addy said. 

The enteprise got closer to the gass gient. “Vessel is still persuing. “Sotril reported. The enteprise kept going. It kept going. “Little more ry.”addison ordered.the enteprise kept going. “Now!”addison ordered. 

The enterprise fired on the gass gient.  The raditon hit the ship. The enterprise moved out of the way.the nazaka ship was hit by the exploding material. 

The enterprise folowed up and fired aditional volleys of phasers at the warship. The enterprise tried to not give the enemy time to catch his breath.  

“The enemy ship is showing signs of danage but it is still efective.”tim reported.  “Stay sharp people!  This only gets worse from hear!” the captain said. “Great! “Dashale said. 

Nazaka vessel


“They are very resourceful.  It will not be enough. Target the gass!”the commander ordered. 

The nazaka warship fired a series of volleys on the gass gient. The shock wave struck the enterprise. There were multiple damage all over the ship. The enterprise started to drift. Dasale qnd ryan tried to restrore the ship’s gravity. The ship was back to normal operation. 

“Sir. We have incoming. “Sotril anounced. A large wave of the ion weapon was heading right for the enterprise.  

“Head off!”adison ordered. “I am not sure we can dodge this one!”Dasale said. The enterprise kept moving. The ion wave neared the ship. It got closer. 

The wave was about to hit the ship. It was getting closer and closer. Then the ion wave was struck.the wave was dispersed. The wave kept going. The shock wave passed on. 

“What just happened?”addison asVessel. Palmer displayed the image on the view screen. “Is this a real horkani ship?”smith asked. “It would apear so. ” sotril said. The horkani vessel fired on the nazaka ship. The ship exploded. The horkani vessel vanished. 

“The vessel is gone! I canot find any trace of them. “Sotril said. “I gues we wont make contact with them today?” tim said.”gues not. We need to get to the doorway and colapse it. “Addison said. 

“Course ploted and laid in.”ryan reported. “Punch it!”addison ordered. The enterprise went to warp. The enterprise tried to get to the doirway as fast as it could. Time was of the esence. 

The enterprise arived at the scene of the tear in the steucural integrity of the multi verse. Sotril displayed the image on the viewscreen. 

“Nazaka ships are on there way. We dont have alot of time. ” tim said. “Do it. ” addison said. The enterprise fired a series of phasers and photon toroedoes. The tear started to grow smaller and started to return to normal. 

“Captains log the enterprise has left the area and has returned to feferation space. Damege from the battle was minimal but repairs are underway. We are perparing to return to our misson to explore the galaxy.  While star fleet has reinstated myself and the seniir staff. ” 

“We beemed eigt hours into the future?”liz asked. “All the evidence wouks say yes. “Dr. Piper said. “Nothing hapened literily. “Dasale said. “It seams so. ” addison said.

“On course sir.”ryan said. “Take is out!”addison said. The enterprise went to warp.

The end

Next up

After saving a planet from an asteroid bombardment, the crew is invited to a celebration but the food and drink has unexpected affect. 

Misson part five

The crew try to uncover what is going on.

U.s.s enterprise 

Sick bay.

“My mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts.  Describe  what you see!”xon said.

Addison had closed her eyes. She was in the transporter room. She and the senior staf got on to the transporter pad. She felt like she was watching this. She not relivibg this. She was watching it. It was like viewing a file from an archive.  It was sureel.she did not quite understand it.

She watched as her douple ganger ordered mr. Kyile to engage the transporter. The operator complied with the order. He activated the beam. 

Just as she and the team was about to beam off the ship.she woke up.the link had been severed. The ship shock. 

While she was under the vulcan equivalent of a trance,a large storm cloud came for the ship. The storm hit the ship. The ship was pushed around. 

The ship startted to move up and down. The crew on the bridge was jostled around. Crewmembers siting down strugled to hold on to there chairs. Those standing tried not to fall. It was a losing battle. 

Markgomery wh. Was  guarding the door fell to the ground.he was pishef across the bridge. The wall stop him from any further josiling.

Irina and dapaul tried to stay in there seats. They both felp to the ground.  The two sat back at the helm and navigator’s starion. They tried to move the ship away from the storm cloud. 

The moment the link was brokon,the storm vannished. It was like it was never there. The damage remaned. That was still present. 

“Taking us to all stop. “Irona reported. The ship stoped. “That was close.”markgomery said. “Too close . “depaul said.
“Sir it literily came out of no where. “Mira romain said. “That was what i thought.  The question is why?”depaul said. 

Confrence room.

Commander sotril called an emergency brefing in the confrence room. Tim mathews acted as defecto first officer and science officer. It was unusual to have a wife and a husband in the top posistion. She trusted his advice and wanted him in this job. She wanted his consul. 

She oftened chided him for being irrational and ilogical,she did trust him. She valued his advice. He knew that. He had total confidence in her and her leadership.  

Also there was acting c.m.o jubulio mcbanga,asistent chief enginer oneil,lt. Depaul,lt irina galiunon, lt. Galloway representing security, yeoman smith and jr com officer angela martine. 

“All the evidence is clear that there was a causation between the storm and the meld. I am cettain of it.”tim said. “I agree sir. “Oneil said. “Can we assume that someone or something does not want us to acess her memories or any one within the team. ?”galloway said.”i think it is reasonable conclusion david.” tim said.

“What are we deeling with? Is this the horkani? Someone else?”the acting chief doctor asked. “We dont have enough evidence to draw such a conclusion. “Tim said. 

“what  are they hiding?”smith asked. “Nothing seams out of order. ” depaul said. “Yet something has to be. ” Angela said. “That is what we have to figure out. “The captain said. 

“Have we concluded  out that this is our crew?”irina asked. “Not definitively.  “The acting doctor said.”it like someone is messing with our heads. They are getting a thril out of seing us go nuts. “Oneil said. 

“That may be simply our perception of it. It may not be what is realy going on. ” sotril said. 

“How do we procede?”depaul asked. “We will continue to investigate.  “Sotril said. 

“None of it makes sense. The horkani act like they are on thete own. They act like they are above us. Mayby they dont notice us. Now they do. It is odd. “Smith remarked.

“Are there any more questions.  Hearing now. That will be all for now. ” sotril said. Everyone got up. The team started to disperse.  

“Acting captain’s log, sick bay on my orders is reexamining the members of the away team. They are looking over the data. I have ordered them not to rule anything in or out. “Sotril said.

Sick bay

“I am starting to think that you ate enjoying this?”dr. Piper remarked. Chepel chuckled. “Mayby a little bit.”she laughed. “That was what i suspected. “Piper answered. 

“I sware they have taken every sample they could think off. “Adison said.  “We cant afford to leave any stone unturned. ” mcbanga said. 

“I know that doctor. ” Addison asdured him. “We are all trying to figure this out. Thats al” mcbanga said.


“Ok. What could be going on?”sotril asked. “Cloning,coalescent creture.mibd control,virus,entity posing as our crew, iliusion. A practical joke. A mouse in a cage typer synerio. A colective hallucination some kind of holographic ilusion. Nothing happened and somone is playing with our head. ” tim said.

“There stil could be something we failed to come up with. ” sotril said.”i stil cant help but think we are playing with. Like things are perfectly fine. We are being led to beleve they are not.”smith said. “A reverse poly ana. “Irina said.  

“We need to keep working on this. There wre answers. We just have to find it. ” sotril said.

“Pernisson to leave the bridge. I want to do some thinking. I think i got something.  I need somr alone time to gather my thoughts. “Tim said. “Yoy may go.”she said. He left the bridge.

He went to a Jefferies tube. He sat cross leged. He thought.  He thought and thought. It started to come to him. It startted to makes sense. 


“I have a theory? What if this is all a distraction? Misdirection? We were conducting a research misson. Our attention has gone to the mystery. What if all of this was simply to turn our attention away from our original misson?” tim asked. “Look into it. “She ordered. The crew got to work. 

End of part five. 

Misson part four

The landing party continues to act strange. More odd things occur.

“Acting captain’s log, the landing party disappeared upon beaming down to the horkani vessel. Then the vessel itself vanished. Eight houers later the alien vessel rerurned. As did the landing party. Where did they go. We have no idea. This mystery is very troubling. There are no clues to what might have happened to them. ” 

Confrence room

“You have no idea where they qent?”admiral komack asked. “No i dont. They have no memory of what occured. ” sotril said. 

“Are they them? Have you confirmed that they are our people? “The admiral asked. “The doctor beleves that they are our crew. There is no evidence of cloning or any orther fabrication. “Sotril reported.

“What about mind control?”the admiral asked.”we have not found any evidence of nind control. We have not rulled it out. “Sotril said. 

“Is the captain in charge?” the admiral asked. “The captain and the landing party are off duty.this was at the captains request. We are keeping a close eye on them. “Sotril said. “Keep me aprised. “The admiral said. “I will. “She said. 

“We will stay in touch. Star fleet out.”the admiral said. The scren went from the aadmiral’s office on earth to the syimbol of the ufp. Then it went dark. 

Captains qurters

“You ok add?” ryan asked. “I cant sleep. I dont know why but i cant. “Ryan said. “It might just be stress. “He remarked.  “Perhaps.  “Addy said.

Adison was dresed in a night gowan and was barefoot. She put on a robe and went into the main area. She tried not to wake up the kids especially the baby. She could not stay in bed. The sleepless night made her bored. She had to do something.  

She sat down on the couch. She took out a book. She started to read. Ryan came out. “Let me gues,andorian romance? “He asked.”i have to do something ry. “She said.

“Your woried?”he asked. “It makes no sence. The whole thing is odd. If i did not know better,i might think that this was a horkani pratical joke.even that does not make sense. ” she said.

“There humor may be different from ours. Mayby abducting people for no apparent reason and then reruening them again for no apparent reason is funny. “Ryan said.

“What if we are sleaper agents or under mind control. We might not activate for years. “Addison said. “I dont know if i have never been in a situation like this. I am not sure .”ryan said.

“I am woried about sarek and hanah.i am woried about the crew. Could we be a danger?”she asked. He hugged her. “I dont know those answers. I wish i did. “Ryan said.

“I think we may need the kids to stay with my step parrents on earth. “She said. “Your sure. You were deternined to have the kids stay with us. “Ryan said.

“I know. I thought it was importent.i wanted to be a mom and a starship captain. Perhaps that’s not possible to have both.”Addison said.

“Lets not rush to a decison ad. You are tired and stresed. Just wait a bit.”he admonished him. “Ok! Your right.  “Addison said.

“I know you want answers. So do i. Give it time. Everything comes out in time.”ryan asked. “I know. You kniw me ry. Im not patcient.”she said. He laughed. “Oh i do. “He said. They laughed.

Qurters of dr. Dahner

The chime rang. “Come in.” liz said.the door opened. It was l.t palmer,the com officer. “Audrey what’s up? ” liz asked. “Liz i go to parts of the ship and i have no idea why. I sleep walk but i am awake. I dont get it. “Palmer said.

“Ok. Sit sit down Audrey.  Tell me what happened.  ” liz said. “I go into rooms and i dont know why.i dont realize im there until someone talks to me. It is so weird. I have ended up in auxiliary control,torpedo room,swiming pool. It is just realy odd. “Palmer said.

“This happened after the visit to the horkani vessel?” liz asked. “Yes that is correct. I have never had anything like this before. “Palmer said. “Ok i want you to tell me about every occurrence of this. “Liz instructed her.

Security office

“How are you chief ?”leslie asked.”i am doing good actually.  I dont have any of the weird stuf the others are. I am just bored. Other then that i am good. ” giotto said.

“That could be your abnormality chief.”galloway said. “Hear i was feeling prety good. Way to discourage your supervisor.  I will remember that when it is time for your review. ” he said. 

“Mayby your not going though any abnormality! “Lemli sugested. “I hope your right. Being a security officer is not easy. At the acedemy the security cadets were the butt of the jokes. The future commadore wesley and i attended the Acedemy at the same time. I tried to introduce myself. He said that it was unnecessary for him to learn my time. I probably would not nake it pass the first week. Alas i did. ” he said. 

“You will make it pass this one. “Galloway said. “I certainly hope so. “The chief said. 


“I have done reserch on every contact with the horkani. The u.s.s Olympic encountered a horkani vessel in 2180. The vessel declined contact.  The u.s.s Georgetown encountered a vessel in 2201. A vessel passed by a star base in 2220. Then there was the for exiter incident. In every occasion the ship were unable to scan the ship.  We know almost nothing about this race.  We have never seen what they look like or even sound like. “Tim said.

“My people have encounteted horkani vessel but they were much the same.  They encountered a horkani vessel. They atempted contact but it was unsucesful. After a while they did not even try. They just gave them a wide bearth. Other races did the same. Klingons atempted contact.  They opened fire. They did not return fire. They just kept on. “Sotril said.

“This time they atempted contact. The question is why?”tim said. “How did the horkani attempt contact? “Angela asked. “It was a text only messege to star fleet command. “Tim said. 

“It was in galatica?”dapaul asked. “Yes it was. ” tim said. “They were watching us. Monitoring us. ” sotril said. “It would apear so. “Tim said. “This gets weirder. It is q mystery with no clue. It is like having a puzle bored but no puzzle peaces. ” irina galiunion said. 

“It does. We have no information.  Yet we have to figure this out. “Sotril said. “Fun.” tim said.


“How is it going vincent?”luz asked.”not bad. “Depaul said.  “You miss the helm?” liz said. “Being a pilot is my passion. Well one of them. I cant do any of my passion.  No helm,biology, enginering secuity nothing. They dont even want me in the lab or around the plant we acquired on the dureb planet.”dasale said.

“It is only a precaution vin.”liz said.”i know. If we never figure this out. Will we be on the inactive liwt forever.  Can we return to the federation. Can we rerurn to earth?  Will we be considered freaks?mutents ? I dont know. “Dasale said. 

“You know who you are vince. Dont lose sight of that.  This is not foever. This will pass. It will all be a distent memory. ” liz told him. “I hope so. “Dasale said.

She took hiw hand. She backed away. “Im sory.”liz said. “Its ok doc. “He said. “If you will excuse me”liz said. “Of course. “He said. They dispersed.  

Conference room.

“Why are we hear?”dr. Piper asked. “I have bo idea. Commander sotril asked me to round up the team. Hear we are. ” addison said. “Then where is she?”giotto asked. 

The door opened.  Sotril and tim entered.  A another vulcan entered. “I want to attempt a mine meld. Usualy it would be me. Due to my condition and uncertainty i assumed that you would not allow me to do it. “Sotril said. “You are right about that tivora. “Addison said.

“Ensign xon is well versed in vulcan mind meld techniques.  He has agreed to paticipate. ” Sotril said.

“You understand the risk. We have no information. You could be exposing yourself to a pathogen. “Dr. Pipper said. “I understand that doctor. I accept whatever risk there may be. I believe that the chances of ariving at an answer to this myatery outweigh the risk.”xon said.

“I explaned him the risk . i was through in my discussion of those risks.  “Sotril said.

“Alright. I will go first. “Addison said. “I assumed as much. “Sotril said. Both xon and Addison sat down.he placed his hand on hers.

“My mind to yours. My thoughts to yout thoughts. You were on the transporter room on the enterprise.  Discribe what happened. ” xon said.



“We have an incoming. ” lt. Mira romain said. “Report.”lt. Dapaul ordered. “It seams to be some kind of storm cloud.bit is heading right for us. ” the acting science officer said. “Shields up. Evasive action. ” dapaul ordered. 

The wave headee right for the enterprise. It got closer qnd closer. It was about to hit.

End of part four.


Lt.depaul was a relief helm officer. He was played by sean kenery who also played the cripled captain pike. He apeared in “a taste of amigeddon” and “arena”.

Angella martine apeared in “balance of terror”,”shore leave”and” turnabout intruder”

Xon never apeared in star trek. He was to replace spock and lenoard nimoy in phase two show. Xon was a full vulcan. He did appear in the non canon fan series”star trek new voyages,a.k.a phase two”

Lt. Mira romain apeared in “lights of zetar”

The reference to gioto and wesly is an inside joke. Both played by bary russo. 

The misson part two

An alien race usually aloof wants a meeting. Something is up.

“Captain’s log while on a routine reserch misson i have jusr received new ordere from star fleet command.  Though far from federation space we atempt to stay in contact ae much as possible.  Sometimes in direct communication some times hy subspace radio. ”

Brefing room. 

On the view screen was the image of admial komack.”hello addison!”he said. “Admiral. The federation has atempted start a dialougue with the horkani for almost a hundred yars now with no luck. 29 years ago the starship exiter atempted to follow it and engage contact. After a week ofhigh warp it was forced to abandon the persuit. Now out of the blue they want to meet with us. They have agreed to come hear. Your science misson can continue.they have invivted your entire senuor staf aboard.  “He said. 

“The asked for the enterprise specifically? ” addison asked.”yes. We thought it was odd. It was not an unreasonable request so we agreed. They should be in your area in a few houers.get rested up you have a long day ahead of you.”he said.

“We have no idea what they want?”addison asked.”none. I wish i had more for you but i dont. “He said. “Its fine. “She said. “We wikk keep in touch star fleet out.”he said. The screen faded. 

Confrence roo.

Asembled was the memebers of the senior staf and yeomwn smith th captain’s asisitent.”the federation has known wbout the horkani sense before the federation was established. The u.s.s horatio encountered a ship back in 2180. There have been sigtings but no contact. The horkani are requesting a . they are coming hear so we can continue our reserch. “She said. “Are we sure they are friendly ?”commander gioto asked. “Pethaps they should come to our ship.  “Dr. Piper said. “There is bi evidence that the horkani have wished anyone harm. I see reason not to bored there ship as they requested. “Addison said. 

“I recommend a medical scan before and after we bored the vessel.”piper sugested. “Agreed.”the captian said.”great i get pocked and proaded brfore going into the frying pan!”giotto said.”you always been this cyinical?”smith asked.”i am a security officer in my 50s. I am not sure how i servivied this long.”the chief said.”today is hardly a good day to die. I am not seing any trouble. As soon as we are done report to sickbay. “Addison ordered. 

The captain dismised the meating.everyone got up. They all left the meeting. Everyone was  concerned but stil anticipating the event. 


“It seams your in perfect health addison!”dr. Piper said.  “Glad to hear it doc!” addison said. She got off the bio bed. She went to the back of the room.

Commander sotril got on the bed. The bio bed scaners activated. Piper and chepel looked over the reedings. Tim noticed that they spent a lot of time looking over reedings. 

“Is everything ok?” tim asked. “Yes. They are fine!”dr. Piper said.”they?” addison said. Tim squished her hand. “Congratulations!” ryan said. 

“Tivora you cant go. There is too much uncertainty! “Tim said.”i do not agree. I believe that i can still go to the ship. “She said. “This is an uncertin situation.  Why dont you stay on the ship. Besides you can continue your research.  ” addison said. “Understood. ” she said.

“If i am pregnant can i stay behind?”giotto asked. “All of the things you have ever said,this one certainly has taken the cake. “Chief engineer pitcarin said. 

Qurters of the captain. 

Addison changed into the green dress uniform.her dress uniform had a series of gold fringes. She had braided her hair. “How do i look?”she asked. “You look great. I wounder if comadore wessley or commadore decker spend as much time getting ready as you do. ” ryan observed. 

“Hey! This is a first contact sitution. I want to be presentible.”addison said. “What if they are blind?” ryan asked.  “I had not consider that. “She said. 

“What do you make of liz’s high esper ratings?”ryan asked. “A lot of people have high esp ratings. She is hardly a mutent. Liz has always been a little exsentric but i have never had a reason to doubt her. She is one of my closest friends. You concerned about her?” she asked. “No .this ship is full of suprises.”ryan said. “I have notticed that. ” she said. 

Ryan wore a gold dress uniform jacket. “How do i look?” he asked.”handsome ome as ever ry!”he said. The chime rang. “Come in. “Addison said. 

The door opened, a young officer dresed in civilian cloths entered. “Becky thank you for watching them.”addison said. “No problem.  It is my pleasure.  ” she said. She picked up the baby. “Sarek your going to stay with aunt becky. ” addison said. 


“We have incoming. Vessel is consistent with vessels used by the horkani. “Right on shedule. “Smith said. “They are prompt. “Liz remarked. “I had a feeling that they were. ” dashale said. 

“Vessel has sent over coordinates. “Palmer said. “Ok. Sotril take over. “Addison said. “Be carefull adison.”sotril said. “You got it. If i know mr. Kyle he will continue to monitor our reedings. If something is off he can bring us back. ” she said. 

The senior staf left the bridge. They entered the turbo lift. The door closed.sotril took the command chair. Tim mathews took over the science station. Lt. Angala martine took the com station. Lt. Dapaul took over the helm. Irina galiunon took the navigators post.  

Transporter room.

“Coordinates laid in sir!” lt. Kyile reported. ” ok lets do this!” addison said. The command staff minus the first officer steped on to the pad. “Energize mr. Kyile. ” addison ordered.

Kyile activated the controls. The team was beamed over to the other vessel. 


“Transport complete. ” tim reported. All of a sudden the ship vanished.  “Report!” sotril ordered. “I am not detecting any sign of that ship. No warp signature nothing. ” tim said. “I need answers now!” sotril ordered.

End of part two.