The misson part six 

The enterprise crew start to solve the myatery.


“Acting captains log,while investigating a gass gient,the misson was sidelined by the mysterious arrival of an alien vessel from a criptic race. ”

“The investigation was fairly routine even mundane. The enterprise is staffed with some of the best scientist in there field. The prinary misson of the enterprise is contact with othet races. That is where the interest lies with many starship commanders. ”

“The unexpected arival of the horkani created a bit of a  mystery. There was exuberance before and after the arival. What if the arival and mystery was a distraction.some kind of diverson. Thr questone is what is the distraction. What are we not suposed to see and  why?”  sotril said in her log. 


Sotril entered the bridge. “Acting captain on the brudge!”smith said.”as you were. ” the acting captain said. 

“Ok what do we have on the gass gient? “Sotril asked. “The gass gient is larger then moat usually reported. It apears to be the largest known to alied science. “Mira romain said. 

“It was first detected by a long range setilite sojuner ten in the oyveigh sector. It sparked a lot of curiosity in the feferation scientific circles. The gient was tracked and srnce the enterprise was in the are we were sent in to investigate. “Tim mathews said. 

“To federation science without othet evidence, it seams to be a one of a kind.  Although that may not be the case.”xon said. 

“Putting aisde its size,is there anything else unsual about it?”sotril asked. “Its components are prety standard to gass gients. “Mira said. “I am detecting an anknown element.  I canot identify it. “Xon said. “It is not close to anything we know off. “Tim said.  “Is this substence the reason for all of this?”dapul asked. “Perhaps. We do not have enough evidence to rule it in or out.”sotril said. 

“I recomend we send it to the science council for examination.”mira said. “Make it so!”sotril said.”they will have a field day with this!”tim said.”sending now!”palmer said. “You really think this is the roseta stone to all of this?”dapual asked. “There is no way to know. “Sotril said.

“Acting captains log,the investigation into the reserch misson is continuing.  We are considering all avenues but are focusing in on a substece found in the gass gient. We have no idea where this will leed. We are not sure that this will provide the corect answer. We have to start somewhere.” 

Security office 

Lt. Commander giotto came into the office. “Look dave i have to do something. I am going crazy. You can head up secuity for now. I have to be doing something.  “Giotto said.

“Can you check the com log. I am curious if the transmison did not originate  where it claimed to. “Lt.galloway said. “Yes absolutly. You think that the transmisons were not real?”gioto asked. “I dont know. We are grasping at staws at this point. “Galloway. “I will get right on it. “Giotto said.

Gioto went to a work station in the office. He sat down and got to work on his task. He scaned the com logs. He checked and rechecked. The horkani transmisons were rerouted.he wanted to know from where. He traced it to a relay station used by the bezrel. He discovered it was rerouted. He tried to uncover where it was being rerouted to. This was quite a mystey. One that could blow the mystery sky high. 

He discovered that the mesege was sent though several sources. The investigation was pain staking. It was a distraction.  It definently sparked his interest and he really wanted to solve it. 

He used every resource he had to locate the saurce. He found it. It was a nazaka relay. The naxaka were a mystery race. They had made it clear that they were a compititor to the federation. They had conqyred words that could make ore to be used to power a weapon that nutrilizes ions. The nazaka had avoided direct confrontation and now focused on building up there defences and offenses.  Was this some kind of opening salvo?  He had no idea.


“Your sure all of the transmisons were from a nazaka relay?” addison asked. “Yes we have confirned it sir.”galloway said. “We confirmed that the vessel was horkani. “Sotril said. “Yes the transmission was from the horkani ship eventually. The ship did appear to be an horkani ship. “Giitto said. “Then did the nazaka procure an horkani vessel?” dapaul asked. “It apears to be what has occured. The vessel haul and other feture conforms to the horkani! “Tim said.  

“The question is stil why? What were they trying to accomplish.  I cant believe it was just to mess up our heads. “Addy commented.”i tend to agree. ” sotril said. “We are missing something but what?” galloway said. 

“That substence inside the gass gient?” galloway said. “The mystety substence we cant identify.  “Tim said. “Could it be made into a substence capible of powering up the ion weapon or a new kind of weapon?” giotto asked. “We dont know but how could  it be colected?”tim asked. “Some kind of ram skoop perhaps. ” pitkarn said. “Its very posible. “Sotril said.

“Where does the horkani ship come in?”addison asked. “Some kind of distraction.  Keep us from learning about there plot to build new fuel saurces to power there weapons. “Tim said.  “What if it is worse then that. What if the gass gient is from another universe? A paralel universe.  The substence might not exist hear. ” gioto said. “This does sound like something up there ally.”dapaul said.”indeed it does.”addison said. “They found a horkani vessel.all this to distract. It almost worked. “Irina said. 

“How do we stop this plot? We dont know what this substence does. If the nezaka develops a deadly weapon it could change everything. ” pitkerin remarked. “We cant let that happen.”addison said. “Agreed.”sotril said.

“We have to stop them from getting that substence. ” addison said. “We have to secure the substence in the gass gient and cut them off from the orther universe. Neither one will be easy. ” tim said. “No it will not!”sotril said. 

“We are not even certain that how it got hear. “Tim said.  “I believe i may have a solution. I can mind meld with the gass gient. “Sotril said. “Your not serious?”smith said “i see no other option”sotril said.

“I could go. “Xon said. “You are highly skilled but i believe that i am a better option at this point. I have had more extensive traning then you.”sotril said.

“I dont think this is a good idea. “Tim said. “I am the logical chioce. “Sotril said. “Tivora i have a high e.s.p rating. I beleve the gass gient may amplify my abilities. “Liz said.”you may not be able to make the conection. ” xon said. “Lizy no!”dashale said. “The needs of the many vincent. ” she told him.”i can do this. ” liz said. 

“You are tecnically in command Tivora.  You are needed hear. “Palmer informed her. “What do you think addison?” sotril asked. 

“I have an high esper rating myself.i will go. The buck stops with me?”addison said. “The buck?”xon asked. “Never mind. I will go. “Addison said. “Are you sure?”sotril said.

The enterprise moved near the gass gient. It held posistion.addison got into the enviormentle suit.  “Are you out if your mind?”ryan asked.”after almost five years of marriage you realy have to ask that? “Addison asked. “True. Add. I am stil off duty so taking off my navigator and asistent helm officer hat for a minute dont do this!”ryan said. “You get a hat?”addison said. “Ad! Im serious! “Ryan said. “Ry i will be careful. I cant ask anyone else to do this. I wont put anyone else at risk. “Addison said. “I know. “He said. 

“This is what you have to look froward to ry. Me going from one dangerous gambit to another. “Addison said. “I know. Try to avoid unnecessary risks. “Ryan said. “I always try!”she said.

She put on the helmet. She enteted the air lock. She sealed the airlock. The hatch closed. “Hatch is now sealed. “The vioce of the computor reported. She took a deep breath . she depressurized the bay. Then she opened the hatch.

She headed out. She activated the jet back.  She headed for the commit.  She arrived at the gass gient. She tried to acess the gient. She waited. 

She tried to establish some kind of telipathic link with the creture. Then she saw the gient. The images went backwards like a rewind function.  She saw a doorway. 

The nazaka had used a tri cobalt device inside a nebula. They had created a nexus between the two universes. They had placed the ore inside the gient. They planed to transport more ore. By introducing this genus of comets, it could bring oodles of unintentional consequences.  The doorway was also highly problematic for multiple reasons.  This was not good. Not good at all. 

She got the coirdinates for the doorway. She was able to assertain how to seal it. This was a potential crises. A huge one. She ended the link as soon as she got the info. She returned to the enterprise.  


“You got it?” ryan asked. “Got it!” addison said. “We have incoming. It is a nazaka heavy cruser. ” tim reported.  “Oh crap!” sotril said.

To be concluded.